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Greg Melvin, Archipel Founder

Greg’s design and introduction to the consumer supply chain began in 1991 with custom-designed Asian-sourced products destined for the US retail consumer market. Operating a wholesale distribution warehouse in the US and heading a sales force consisting of 10 US showrooms and 140 sales representatives, a client base quickly developed, to include; Walt Disney World, Epcot Center, MGM Studios and numerous US department stores, mall chain stores & boutiques.

In 1995, Greg started Archipel while implementing the design and supply of the room and F&B (OSE) accessories for the new Ritz-Carlton Bali. Greg has since built Archipel into a highly respected brand within the international hospitality industry, known for consistently delivering freshly designed service philosophy and products on a commercial quality level.

Due in large part to Greg’s clear vision, Archipel’s reputation for its work with prestigious clients is unsurpassed as a result of its ongoing commitment to exceeding expectations and meeting critical deadlines.

Both Greg and Paolo have since forged lasting impressions in worldwide concept luxury retail.


Join Us

Archipel has always looked to the beauty of the natural world for design inspiration. As such, we have also looked to the earth's resources, which give form and life to our products and designs.  As we enjoy the benefits associated with design and product creation, we are distinctly aware of an inherent responsibility to work towards environmental sustainability.

Our goal is sustainable style: to maintain leadership in the creation of enduring designs, and uphold the commitment of protecting the beauty of the natural world through the responsible use of its resources.

The Archipel approach allows us to remain fully dedicated to this achievable goal:

  • The majority of our goods are handmade, which means that our workshops utilize little electricity and emit few, if any, emissions into the environment.

  • Archipel uses plantation teak and alternative sustainable wood in its manufacturing. Archipel uses no woods from endangered forests.

  • We select water-based and water-soluble finishes for our products wherever possible.

  • We continue to stress the importance of choosing post-consumer waste paper and carton packaging with our partners in supply.

There is much perfecting to be done in this area, and we are committed to integrating the process of sustainability and green-friendliness into our long-term sourcing and planning policy at Archipel. We are committed to keeping you in touch with advancements in this area and how you can help.


As our valued client, we'd like to ask you to join us in the quest for sustainability.

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Paolo Ambu, Partner


Mr. Ambu is a native to the Italian island of Sardinia. Training and schooled in Milan, he has lived an exotic and creatively-focused career in the arts and commercial design. Based in London for 10 years, then Bali for 10 years, Paolo now resides in Miami, where he heads up Archipel's creative team.

Through both his independent work and work with Archipel, Paolo has become an internationally-renowned Product Designer and artist and has attained a reputation as one of the most innovative and creative design professionals in his field.

As Archipel's Head Designer, Paolo analyzes and reviews project specifications through meetings with clients and a review of the company profile to determine the functional and aesthetic requirements of every project. Paolo is accustomed to utilizing his extensive experience in planning, creating and implementing design concepts, which manifests in bringing clients to the next creative level of their enterprises. Paolo evaluates project requirements, and in doing so is responsible for the finished product and ultimately the creative success of Archipel's design concepts for their clients.